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The New Rules of Sales and Service

The New Rules Of Sales And Service, David Meerman Scott - Book Cover Image

In modern marketing circles, David Meerman Scott is a man who needs no introduction. For anyone not familiar with his work, David is a leading marketing and sales strategist who shares insight online and in person about marketing, leadership and social media. He is the author of multiple bestselling books that have been printed in more than 30 languages and are included in college curricula around the United States. He serves as advisor to a bevy of fascinating, fast-growing companies that are shifting the marketing model at this very moment.

More than anything, he is a man focused on Real Time Business and the concept of Real Time Communication. The web is always active, people are always online, always plugged in, and information (and its impact) is instantaneous.

That impact is a big part of what DM Scott addresses in The New Rules of Sales and Service, his just released book. In particular, The New Rules of Sales and Service explores how to grow business by shedding an old, broken sales process and adapting a more fluid, responsive approach. This concept resonates at Kendall Press because we have a lot of experience driving successful growth while eschewing industry norms. In fact, DM Scott himself recognizes our efforts in this very book, showcasing our successes and experiences in a chapter specifically tuned toward growing a business without traditional leads and without a traditional sales organization.

The New Rules Of Sales And Service, David Meerman Scott - Customer ServiceConsider how social media and the Real Time Web have changed all the ground rules when it comes to marketing and sales. The business sales cycle is now the customer’s buying cycle. Purveyors, providers and suppliers are no longer in charge because they no longer have a monopoly on information. We live and conduct business in the age of Real-Time Customer Engagement, where potential buyers know what they want and will lead you to what they need, when they need it – if you listen.

The sales and service models of the past are mostly behind the times. The standard sales process is broken. At Kendall Press, we can attest to the dramatic change in sales and service. These changes are never more clear than when we conduct follow up sessions with first time clients. When we ask how clients find us, the answer we get more often than not is some variation of “online.” When we ask what search terms were used to find us, the answer frequently involves long strings containing “exactly what I was looking for.” And when we inquire why a new customer initially chose to reach out to us as a potential vendor, it is invariably because “You seemed to be the type of company I want to do business with.”

The New Rules Of Sales And Service, David Meerman Scott - HubSpot LogoTo business owners and sales and marketing leadership relying on old methods of sales, marketing and communication, these answers and their implications are daunting. Truth be told, they were daunting to our company as well when we first started down the path of evolution. Take my word for it when I say that all hope is NOT lost. Take guidance from companies like HubSpot, whose recently announced IPO serves as a tangible proof source that the time has come to discard the old ways of cold calling. Embrace the concept of taking your cue from buyers and of giving each client a custom experience that is memorable for all the right reasons.

We’ve embedded DM Scott’s slide show for The New Rules of Selling right here. There are over 150 slides that can help make a difference in how you think about your issues and opportunities. And if you find yourself with more questions than answers, we're happy to share our experience.

So, take some time and explore a new approach to business.


Interested in an outstanding learning opportunity? Contact us today if you are interested in attending a live presentation and Q+A with David Meerman Scott, discussing The New Rules of Sales and Service!

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