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New Year; New Programs; A Preview of 2012 and Season's Greetings that are Timeless

Merry Christmas (and yes, the ever politically correct "Happy Holidays"). Our goal at Kendall PRess is to provide customized service to each of you, our honored clients. If Christmas is your holiday then here's a hearty Merry Christmas! If Chanukah is what you celebrate then Happy Hanukah! If your preference is something else, and we know it, we will be sure to greet you with the specific greetings of your seasonal holiday because, above all else, we are here to provide a unique and personally customized experience to each of you who trust us with your Business Communication needs.

Kendall PRess is NOT your grandfather's printshop. Most of our clients arrive by Word of Mouth because they've heard of our program #paperNpixels (TM) or they've heard about old fashioned service with newfangled technology and lightening fast speed to market. If you can THINK IT, we can deliver it, complete with the old fashioned printer's (triangle) quandary; PRICE, QUALITY & TURNAROUND SPEED; Yup, some things don't change; you can still usually only choose two out of three of these!

But there is significant change in the marketplace since Kendall PRess started twenty eight years ago. Technology has fueled ever faster product and campaign cycles. The best of today's business communicators use a combination of real time web and long-lived recyclable, tangible, paper. Our favorite Business Strategist, David Meerman Scott reported in Google + yesterday from Lapland but our wish to write about it was usurped by just a few hours old news announcement that North Korea's Kim Jong Il just died of a heart attack. The need to be timely, accurate and relevant has never been stronger.

We can't tell you what will happen in the future, but we can promise that in 2012, Kendall PRess will continue to evolve with new print capabilities for faster turnaround of your printed color work and more real time web based initiatives with Web Analytics, Web design and Search Engine awareness along with Public Relations and Marketing support tools for our clients.

We'll introduce new voices to our blog which really means that we've already inducted new employees with new ideas into our business culture.

Stay tuned; a new business year is just around the corner.

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