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No ordinary Real Estate Deal; Entrepreneurial Power

Some thoughts on entrepreneurial power and different ways to re-invest. and as TED would say, here are more ideas worth spreading.


On May 7, 2013 the Summit Series team announced that after 20 months, it officially closed the $40 million dollar deal to become the owners of Powder Mountain, Utah, the largest ski resort in the United States. This team is the youngest ownership group of any mountain in the country. More importantly, they have an impressive story about how a small group of successful 20-somethings raised $40 million dollars from a small group of some 40 people and pulled it off  with the local county’s blessing when others before them had failed.

You can read their amazing story here

It started with just three days and 19 entrepreneurs gathered at a western ski resort.
They were fueled by imagination, desire to change the world and a pitch that resonated with those who would become key investors including the founders of WIRED magazine.

Tomorrow TEDx Boston hits the stage. Much more local but equally life changing. Check it out.

for the team at Kendall Press

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