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Not Your Grandfather's Consul General

Not your grandfather’s Consul General

Of the 20 employee’s at the office of the British Consulate-General,Boston, 13 are exclusively connected to Trade and Investment; none issue visas– for that you contact a regular office. This is the UK Trade and Investment division and they are not really in Boston, but Cambridge; Kendall Square to be specific.

Here, the UKTI group, like most everyone else in Kendall Square, is focused on science, technology, industry and investment. UK companies provide more than 40,000 jobs in Massachusetts alone.

Little wonder that Governor Duval Patrick, recently returned from a hosted delegation to the UK and Israel was the keynote speaker at the first in a series of conferences hosted by the UK delegation. Dr. Phil Budden, HM Consul General introduced the Governor who spoke warmly about our Education and Innovation infrastructure. Both he and Dr. Budden mentioned Tim Rowe and the Cambridge Innovation Center as a shining light in that infrastructure. A warm welcome was extended to Peter Thier VP Global Business Development of Sagentia which has recently located at the CIC.

The Mass Challenge was mentioned as the world’s largest and most successful business accelerator and London’s tech city was compared to greater Boston’s incubators.

Two panels of companies with business on both sides of the pond; the first included the Governor, RBS/Citizens Bank, Shire Pharmaceuticals and Cambridge Consulting with offices in two Cambridges; one across the street the other across the pond.
A second panel included Enernoc, Flybridge Capitol and Scott Griffith the CEO of Zipcar who talked about regulations on either side of the Atlantic.

Not Your Father’s Printshop.

Have you figured out why Kendall PRess is here? Aside from a similar named printshop in the UK that we have no connection with, we are a citizen of Kendall Square and as such are morphing into the Business Communications Company that meets our clients needs for paper N pixels. Business Communications success goes far beyond websites, conference materials, business cards, and posters. Today, we all need nimble partners.

Except for a brief period of unpleasantries several hundred years ago, the British have always been here and have been a favored partner; Closer to our time zone with an East Coast workday overlap and a shorter commute, they almost speak the same language.

Want more details? Give us a call 617-354-2584.

courtesy of Kendall-Press.

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