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Pixels to Paper and paperNpixels Back Again

That famous comment about the shoemakers kids going barefoot, never was more true than when I came up short for an art show this past month. Matted and Framed photography takes forever and wouldn't do justice to the larger than life images I had collected for the show. Full Color Printed Posters, I decided would do the job just fine. The shop was busy. I was busy. The clock ran down and now I needed posters in a hurry. Fast poster printing- our trademark - never was more put to the test.

Happily in far less than an afternoon, with the team behind me, we put out 23 big, full color posters, mounted and ready for my show which was to begin the following day. I left Kendall PRess that afternoon with an "ARTSHOW in a box." Literally.

Digital JPG's converted to giant posters, hauled up the old B&M route to its Northern Terminus where the ever patient and efficient Connie Bailey was waiting to set up my show. A day in Photos. Exploring TOPSHAM and a Community Dialogue.

One month, two presentations and a front page news article later, the show itself has come to its natural end. But, the presentations were a surprise outcome. People wanted to talk about the things they saw. The Images held their imagination. Those photos are now the topic of a speaking tour "the immediacy of taking action for people and places that matter." Pixels alone would not have accomplished that. Printed Posters as big as life did.

You can see the front page headline here.

Thank you - team at Kendall Press

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