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2011 Predictions for Marketing, Printing and Business Communications

As 2010 runs out of steam, we at Kendall Press are gearing up for a very different type of New Year. Our customers look to us more than ever for guiding them to the most efficient ways to communicate to their clients. Traditionally that has meant printed flyers, printed brochures and newsletters. Some, today, say it will all be eMail, eNews and eBooks.

If you have been following our comments over the year, you'll know that our answer encompasses both PRINT and PIXELS, for a reason. Different target audiences respond to different mediums and different messages.

In 2010, Social Media dramatically led the most exciting area of business communications. But, with all the concern over "Return On Investment" and searching for measure success beyond just "sentiment," business leaders are looking for manageable programs with solid results. The economy still has many on edge.

Here's two very obvious ones that we see in 2011:
1. People wanting to talk to people.
Out- impersonal phone trees and online form fill ins
In - tools - old and new that let individuals connect quickly and directly.

Business is getting very personal and much more collaborative.

2. Customers Rule
Out - marketers pushing product, cookie cutter approaches, preaching
In - listening, helping, providing content of value to the consumer, preferably free but always fast ("in real time") and accurate

This past year has shown tremendous differences in business results between companies that listen and help and those that are overly bound by process and procedure. Not all big companies are bad but all companies that fail to listen and act swiftly stand to lose opportunity; big time; and fast.

The internet, real time web and social media tools like Twitter have proven the power of individuals to ask questions and receive answers in real time.

These are both simple and familiar concepts. Both have been around a long time, but delivering on them in the real time web mode of thinking is what will differentiate the leaders.

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