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PRESS RELEASE: Kendall Press Delivers First Edible QR Code in Cambridge

To the best of our knowledge, the first edible QR code was created and tested last week by Kendall PRess in Kendall Square, in Cambridge MA; the Innovation Capitol of the World.

Collaborating and sometimes competing (when it comes to innovation and new product launches, lunches?) with the likes of MIT, Harvard, various media labs and industry leaders like Microsoft, Google, Oneforty, and Hubspot, the team at Kendall PRess

launched the second decade of Mark & Cheryl's leadership at the twenty seven year young Business Communications Company that began right here in Kendall Square.

Smartphones transmitted the images via jpgs as a workaround to some bar code interpreter difficulties created by prior nibbling but the QR coded message was eloquently clear.

A proclamation from Cambridge Mayor David Maher was read aloud and Chamber of Commerce CEO and President Kelly Thompson Clark presented the award to a rather surprised but genuinely happy Leadership Team.

Good Business results are dependent upon good communications and flawlessly executed teamwork; Both were in abundance along with several specially invited guests.

"Team members, customers, and members of the Cambridge Business community...we could not do this without you," Mr. Lemley was quoted as saying. "Here's to the next ten years and our continuing metamorphosis to support all the changes they will bring to our customer's requirements" and with that statement, Lemley boldly drew the line across to the future of Effective Business Communications.

Stepping into the future, dicing and slicing it up and distributing essentials to our fans and customers as we strive to continue to be both an effective and creative partner.


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