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Print Ambassador Lifetime Achievement Award - Frank Romano

Neither Xerox, nor HP Indigo, nor Canon could hold a candle to what Kodak just did at Drupa 2012.

By honoring Frank Romano with a Print Ambassador Lifetime Achievement Award, Kodak recognized a man  from whom many of us in the industry learned our first print world skills. Congratulations Frank.
Thank you Kodak for highlighting a lifelong leading voice for rational and humor filled approaches to the printer's world. Yes, we recognize Kodak is struggling these days but anyone who has followed Frank Romano's career knows he has always been right up front with the changes in the industry that had quick copy shops reaching into the world of commercial print shops who were losing work to low cost internet print aggregators. And where Kodak once was, Xerox moved in and then out followed by  Konica Minolta for print shop equipment dominance with a whole lot of others showing their wares along the way, also.
Sure lot's of print buyers are hearing from HP Indigo sales reps these days. The WOW factor is never far from a salesperson's lead offering. But Frank has always put digital and print in their respective places and admonished all vendors to look carefully to COST, QUALITY & TURNAROUND time requirements - The big three considerations for print customers.  Does HP Indigo sizzle - sure if you want to pay the premium but ask any commercial print shop how they compete and you'll find many ways to keep the cost lower than digital. A good shop will ask questions like volume, need by date, and  variability factors. Frank always had a chart that showed the world the overlaps of technologies and markets. Wise professionals - both customers and print purveyors - always double check their numbers before running off with the newest shiny object in a salesperson's bag.
And what of Sales People? Frank used to host hordes of us Sales Rock Stars at GATF in Pittsburgh PA. He taught me a thing or two back when I was in the Corporate Sales World. The best lessons were the ones that stayed longest - listen, ask questions, ask more questions, double check and then go to print. Ask twice, print once. Save your client money. Do it the right way the first time.
HP Indigo? a fine product but I'd bet there are many jobs any printer could use a range of products to beat the cost once they know the full specs.
Frank Romano? Ten Time Drupa attendee! (that's forty years, folks - it only occurs once every 4 years in Germany).
Champion of Print as a business communication tool!
And yes,. there are many specialized tools that fit various specific needs so look to your trusted partners first.
Frank - you've never steered us wrong and we salute you and congratulate you on your recognition, well deserved!! And for those who don't know a lot about printing. Here's a link to  Frank's full history of printing in just fifteen minutes.
A lifetime of education from Gutenberg to today's Modern Print Communication choices.
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