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Publish or Perish The Confluence of Paper and Pixels ©

Publish or Perish? This age old question is not just for college professors anymore. Truth be told, in this age of Social Media and Internet speed, we are all only as visible as our next published piece. Not only is it about Quality of content and Frequency of publication, but now, it is also very much determined by the platforms we choose to work from.

The case for Pixels and Paper used in coordination is a strong one when you look at the PEW internet and American Life Project which showed that "21% of Americans Just Don't Use the Internet" That's 50 million people you won't reach if your campaign is only on-line.

The study was based on "adult Americans" What happens to this percentage when you take age into consideration? How about a college town like Cambridge?

EVOLUTION - was printing, print shops, journalism, publishing, newspapers, magazines

CULTURAL CHANGES - were wrought by such Real Time Web tools like FACEBOOK & TWITTER

REVOLUTION - is what is happening right now when you combine Real Time Internet + Cultural Change + Social Media Tools.

Got a message to get out right now?
Consider the audience
Consider the medium
Consider the filters
Consider persistence - how long will that message remain critically important and not just 'urgent'

The confluence of Technology, the Internet and Cultural changes make an exciting case for new business opportunities and new techniques to have great impact on your business ventures.

Consider Postcards, Business cards, rack cards, phone calls
Now consider blogs, Twitter, YouTube, texting

#paperNpixels Each has a real value today in Business Communications. Choose wisely.


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