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RATE Your Business Networking - Part 2

In part one of our primer for Networking, we talked about how to RATE your networking effectiveness by evaluating your Resources and Audience. In this post, we'll cover two Tools we never leave home without, and how to gauge your level of Engagement.


Once you decide where you’re going, you want to be prepared. We've found that there are two simple, foolproof tools for any type of networking event, and they’re ones you probably already carry with you every day: Your enthusiasm and business cards!
Enthusiasm is infectious. People like spending time with other people who are happy and energetic, and customers do business with companies and people they like. Enjoy yourself, and you’ll attract others having a good time, creating the opportunity for engagement. Remember: You can always be memorable by being yourself!
Once you’ve made an impression, the best takeaway you can give a potential customer is the ability to get in touch with you. Make it easy for them by having a business card with your name and contact information prominently displayed on the front. Take the time to write a few notes about each person you talk to on the back of their business cards. This allows you to keep your follow up personal and unique to your conversation.
The materials change, but the value of business cards isn't going anywhere.
We’ve mentioned engagement a few times now. The key to successful engagement is to find opportunities for genuine conversations that make lasting impressions, not 30 second windows to make sales pitches.
Like yourself, the people you meet are bombarded with companies trying to sell to them all day, every day. Engaging in open dialogue gives you the opportunity to make a connection and demonstrate your expertise as it applies to the conversation you’re having rather than in a vacuum. If you can speak to APPLICATION of your product or service in a way that’s valuable and relevant to the person you’re talking to, they’re more likely to want to continue the conversation.
Our friends at Xconomy know Engagement
Ultimately, finding and cultivating that desire for continued conversation is the difference between successfully networking at an event and simply attending an event.

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