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Re inventing Paper (RiP)

I should more correctly identify this blog entry as "marketing your business or yourself in this new social media world."

With Twitter, Facebook, blogs and a myriad of other forms of electronic communication, why would anyone use paper? There is a simple answer. It is a personal connection. A Tactile Trigger; and very tactical these days.

Proof - Go to any networking event, local watering hole gathering or random/chance encounter during your day. You might remember a name or scribble down a website or have your PDA contact my PDA but more than likely, and more professionally, you'd like to hand over your business card and say "give me a call sometime."

Holiday cards - Thank you cards? Not many people take the on-line version and print them out to tape onto their office bulletin boards unless it's a very special message from a very special person, very far away.

Finally there's the persistence factor- Thank you notes in particular and holiday cards this time of year, both lend themselves readily to being touched, opened and touched again. It's the nature of the beast. So, if you always text message and email - surprise your contact and send paper. If you don't have a website, facebook, email, or on-line presence, time to get one and broadcast regularly.

Variety is the spice of life and varying your tools keeps you sharp, your connections vibrant, and your message personal.


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