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Snow Days: do they help or hurt your productivity?

Look outside. It's snowing. again! Does this surprise you? We are in New England and it is February. While the global warming experts try to explain this annual phenonenom called wiinter, I just want to know if you are going to have a productive day?

Kendall Press was open yesterday and we'll be printing again today. More than half our employees use public transportation to get to work. Me too! I am composing this post from the seat of a commuter bus. I text, Jim drives; no fines or violations of Commonwealth law are committed in the creation of this blog post. Kendall press encourages the prudent use of resources. Why drive alone?

And, why walk your work to our office when you can upload your files electronically and provide instruction via text or email. We'll confirm receipt and get your communication tool started.

Which is the better choice? Pixels or Paper? The answer depends on the day and the audience.  If your clients worked from home today, you may be able to also. Use common sense.  Nothing beats a quick email or timely blog post, but tomorrow, should it stop snowing, the person locked  out for the past two or three days is probaly not going to see your twitter post nor emails beneath the overflowing deluge of now "no longer" urgent pixels. Try a postcard instead.

Want to talk more about  a combined paper and pixel campaign to reach your audience? You can reach me on twitter @kendalpress or email me at keithspiro@kendallpress.com or just call me at 617 354 2584 and we'd be glad to help. There are many ways to communicate effectively using #paperNpixels

Which three tools are you using...and why?

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