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Social Media is not a Fad

"It's a fundamental shift in the way we communicate" says Eric Qualman, author of Socialnomics. The statistics speak for themselves. WE BELIEVE; we are part of that shift. We've integrated PRINT and SOCIAL MEDIA for business communications. We have done it for ourselves and we are doing it now for our clients. We know that less printing also can mean a more valuable print product if a well thought out communications campaign is launched. Today, neither vehicle (digital or ink) works well all by itself. Creative, Quality, Personalized approaches work. Anybody go to the yellowed pages recently? How's your email inbox doing?

Qualman says companies need to focus on providing things of value not empty promises. Good references and word of mouth travel fast. So does bad news. So, for all of us, it is the ongoing conversations that will make the difference. Unique. Important. Daily.

Do check out this video from Qualman. The statistics he has compiled is compelling. We are taking action. How about you and your organization?

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