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The weather has certainly gotten warmer and suddenly, with more sunny days, our genetic code kicks in and we start thinking about cleaning out all of that stuff we've accumulated over winter. You know, those days it was too cold to go to the garage, or move precious files into the storage bins.

Well spring is finally in the air and with it spring cleaning time. Here at Kendall Press we're trying to freshen up and clean up by throwing away accumulated files, piles, papers and trash. Our recycling rate is well over 85% and we aim to keep it that way.

I've got some lovely, never printed Orchid Bristol stock available - less than a ream and free to a good home. I'm also in the process of cleaning out 'yesterday's news' and other print relics. Maybe that's why we like QR codes so much. They extend the reach of paper documents.

Here are three great tips for easy cleaning and positioning your company (think global) and better yet, your work space (act local) for a great lift off into new beginnings and future success:

1. Touch each piece of paper (or pixels) only once. Act on it, move it, store it or delete it.

2. Take a look at your email signature and your business cards. Do they reflect the business you are planning to position yourself to be?
Is your Twitter Bio reflective of who you are today. Is your website?

3. READY, AIM, FIRE - in that order, please. Review your plan, determine what needs to be thrown out or freshened and just DO IT NOW.

If you want some Orchid colored Skyland Vellum Bristol Cover or a QR code or two for free....just contact us

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