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STEP up to the Challenge INSPIRE the Next Generation

The 2011 kickoff to STEP INSPIRE took place at the Microsoft NERD center on Monday evening. While most of us in the tech and start up community focus on new business launches and product releases, the folks at STEP INSPIRE invest their energy getting the next generation of talent ready for the business world.

STEP seeks partnerships with companies and non-profit organizations committed to bridging the gap between professionals and the next generation. Their mantra is very simple ONE PERSON OR EXPERIENCE CAN CHANGE THE COURSE OF AN INDIVIDUAL'S LIFE.

They are all about INSPIRING STUDENTS and ENGAGING COMPANIES in collaborative efforts. Call them and join the many other businesses that open their doors to give tours to their students. Take on a mentoring relationship and open the world of business opportunities to this highly motivated group of kids. Kendall Press has been working with STEP for about a year. We are gratified to see the first graduating group turn out in large numbers at the Johnny Cupcakes presentation. We're proud of them all.

Johnny's story is an interesting one and while this may seem a little self serving, he reinforced several times the importance of having business cards. Yes, even high school students, he said should have them. They are the coin of the realm when it comes to meeting others and extending a means of introduction. To our chagrin he kept talking about the big box store in the cloud with their free business cards. No, no, no. Nothing is ever totally free. There is a time and a money or quality tradeoff, but he also talked about quality and passion for a job done well. We applaud his efforts on behalf of STEP and we encourage the thoughtful creation and use of business cards as one tool in that arsenal of skills that will help open doors. To all the students at STEP: We congratulate you on your first ''step" and encourage you to keep learning and keep growing.

Here are the images from Monday's wonderful event.

(whose photos grace the front page of STEP's website)

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