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Superbowl Sunday? The Bravest Man I Have Met

is breaking all barriers and was last seen driving his way past the 30 - 20- 10 yard line of information overloads in what he aptly named the exponential economy. Bob Buderi sat on the edge of his seat cheering on presenters at Xconomy's New York's Venture Emergence. Sometimes it was hard to tell who was more excited, presenters like Barry Silbert (Second Market) not discussing Facebook and Fred Wilson (Union Square Ventures) talking Twitter or Bob whose edge of seat excitement was palpable throughout the event. Bob, Bob, this is the only non-blury photo I could find of the offsides charge

of Fred Wilson all worked up discussing Twitter's censorship policies.

Mr. Eli Manning, Mr. Tom Brady, please take a back seat to Xconomy where, the daily play by play on technology emergence and big money, play out on the field of chutzpah and genius.

The New York City forum brought together a standing room only crowd at the most gorgeous Apella Event Center of Alexandria Real Estate on the East Side of Manhattan.

Amidst the field of the offensive dark suited, white shirted New York line, Bob removed his jacket to reveal a Tom Brady jersey and Patriots cap. I worried for his safety, having grown up in NYC, knowing what New Yorkers are capable of doing. But I think Bob's strong defense of Gilt, and Simulmedia snapshots proved HackNY, a mere BarkBox with less bite than I imagined. A bold move with the outfit,Bob. An even bolder move launching Xconomy’s Business Communications revolution at a time when accurate, timely and precise are the keywords disrupting the old news distribution world.
Regardless of who wins the Superbowl this weekend, Bob Buderi and his Xconomy team is the one to watch. And their Cambridge base insures finding more of what Cambridge does best; Innovation and technology teamwork.

Do you really want to know which Superbowl team stacks up best? Get more analytics! And, probably the best place to do that will be in Cambridge MA, at the upcoming MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Just imagine the possible insights into improved performance across all sports...and a chance to meet Mark Cuban.

(with due apologies to any offended by my mixup of emotions and names of emerging ventures in this pre-SuperBowl moment)

full disclosure: I'm a big fan of Xconomy and provide photos that capture their events in all their glory. Kendall PRess provides Business Communications support to members of the exponential economy in Boston and on occasion - New York; and I'll bet on Mark Cuban any day over Brady or Manning. Take it away Superbowl XLVI.

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