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The Confluence of Paper and Pixels (photographic proof)

paperNpixels seem to be coming together more and more often these days. We continue to focus on that confluence of technologies that are sometimes in alignment and sometimes at odds.
Here are two wonderful cases in point:

1. Xconomy recently held its Third Annual Mobile Madness event (#mobmad). A sellout crowd in the perfect storm. The Xconomy Forum Mobile Madness 2011 - Getting Down to Business (the photo gallery) brought together visionaries, technology leaders and investors in a spirited day of jam packed, back to back, sessions. Participants were encouraged to fire up their mobile devices - a far cry from the old world of being told to buckle your seatbelt, place your seatbacks in the upright position and turn off your world while the airline is in control. Here are some random photos of modern day note taking at a Mobile event. Love it! Neither Paper nor Pixels alone quite get it done at this time.


2. Example #2 has to do with non-profit organizations. I sit on the board of a couple of them. I advise on #paperNpixels. Not a surprise here. But recently, Google, who has a strong commitment to the non profit sector launched a new program for non profits. They also did a wonderful job of summarizing all the tools and products they make available and I have been happily passing the word along to the various organizations I advise.

With just the right mix of paperNpixels, you too can produce outstanding results for your business. The excitement is a lot like shooting white water rapids - exhilarating, scary and not much room for miscalculations.



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