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The easiest way to optimize your website

"If you really want to optimize your site, you have to love what you do," says Sage Lewis of SageRock Digital Marketing.

We agree. We love this world of business communications. More and more often, people are asking us to print 'just in time' and "help us find a better way to succeed at a given task or goal." We're a commercial print shop. We feel the change in the way people communicate. We feel the change in printing services and color printing in Boston and Cambridge if not throughout the world. Print for less. Print only what we need, but print it immediately. We love to print. We love to create output that makes our customers dance with delight in the printshop.

It happened yesterday. I kid you not. A science community presenter found himself without his display and as the timeclock counted down the minutes of his distress, our print production team turned themselves into a pretzel to keep him on time and the Boston printing jobs on schedule.

His comments "thank you, thank you, this is incredible, it looks great; I can't believe you got it printed like this." I only wish I had a camera from Pixability to have captured the whole exchange, lest someone accuse me of exagerating. Really, he had to shake hands with Eric - the guy in our shop that cut and packaged it just in time. Who would want to be a presenter with their materials not all in order. Who needs that stress?

But the world is changing rapidly. Social media is changing the way people communicate about business, themselves and the things that do and don't bring satisfaction. So we too, have had to change how we communicate just how very serious we are about making our customer's more successful. We are walking the same paths and we are all about our client's success.

We also look to Craigie on Main. Just a few blocks away. They love what they do. It's a family affair. Just like here. Everyone has skin in the game and plays for keeps. In their words, they are walking the walk
Feeling right, about food, commitment, environment, family....all good things to focus on.

What do we know about optimizing our website? Come in and ask us all about it. We're glad to share. But to give you a hint... it's starts and ends with doing what we love; helping our clients be successful. Whatever it takes.

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