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The future lives here - Kendall Square Third Thursdays Events

The future lives here. As the third Thursday’s casual group of Kendall Square denizens travels around the community, we gathered last night at WEST BRIDGE, the recently opened fresh French restaurant at one Kendall Square. The evening was sponsored by Cambridge Trust Company.
We always try to provide free press and some business communications for a local non profit  and last night the sponsors chose The Museum of Interesting Things– and indeed, it was – very interesting. Denny Daniel and his volunteers provide a traveling interactive demonstration and exhibition of antiques and inventions. Last night he had me thinking of games and innovation.
The Osborne – the first portable though not quite laptop computer. Sold for $1800 had a 5 inch screen and weighted 24.5 pounds.
Here I am holding my droid next to it – much lighter like 4.6 oz. or 130g., not nearly as expensive in acquisition costs though ongoing costs are quite another thing. Yes, and somehow the screen seems to have shrunk right back down to the same old size from 1981. Can anybody recommend a good optometrist around here?
Somehow the more things change…. the more expensive they become.
Thomas Edison is never far away from anything Kendall and last night was not any different with a whole assortment of his inventions available to touch and play.
The roller coaster. Gotta tell ya. I remember this toy – surely it was my uncle’s back in NYC, Coney Island, not far from where much of this museum is currently housed.
Tech folks? sorry, not an app in sight except the ones provided by West Bridge and they were most delectable. I really liked the chicken skewers and I apologize for not knowing the French name for that appetizer.
Some 70+people turned out to check out the restaurant and the portable museum. Denny Daniel, is an interesting character and well suited for his performance as impresario (if you want to hear a Denny Daniels who I found while researching this blog, then listen to   this blues video while you read the posting)
Finally let's end the night with Denny Daniel and our sponsors from Cambridge Trust (seen here from left to right Denny Daniel MOIT, Brian Kelley, Stephen Caputo and Marc Earnest all of Cambridge Trust Company)
Jane Mason, their entrepreneurial banker in residence, deftly orchestrated this photo opp and sidestepped the shutter at the last minute leaving these gentlemen to fend for themselves. Well done.
Kudos to  Lena Sharp for maintaining a schedule of third Thursday volunteers and  Jim Kappel and Chris Barr,  KSA board members, for always being available at these events.
See you all next month. Let  us know if you’d like to be a future sponsor.

courtesy of Kendall Press

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