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The Future of Marketing

Marketing? Advertising? Public Relations firms? What do they all have in common?....DISRUPTION. Change to the status quo of that industry as they knew it. #FutureM week will soon be here and among all the hype of the "future" quietly sits the 900 pound gorilla...The truth is, the future of marketing is already here.

Consumers of products, services, and ideologies are much more self confident and connected. They trust their circles of acquaintances and friends more than they trust advertisers or vendors. They, no, WE all trust our actual experience, our eyes and our ears, more than any slick digital or print ad. You Tube is the most watched channel and that camera in nearly everybody's phone now delivers a 'you are there' first hand look at the world around us.

Goodbye Tyranny ..... Arab Spring anyone?
Goodbye US Postal Service - 17% drop in volume in the last 4 years
Goodbye Rupert Murdoch - your information empire behind password gated locks is seeing an endrun by competitors everywhere - including the person on the street who Tweets, blogs, and posts pictures to their world of interested followers, friends, and trusted opinion shapers.

How about this for the DEFINITION OF MARKETING:
having the right information, for the right person, waiting and available to be served up at the right time, in the right format or mode of delivery, in the right place at exactly the moment the individual is seeking it.

A day early and you're a pushy advertiser or, worse yet, spammer.
A second late and you indeed came in second best, the first loser after the decision button gets pushed.


  • Be your authentic self - your business, a beacon of what you stand for
  • use a variety of tools mixing #paperNpixels to get your message across
  • Gather your tribe, your communities, your circles, your fans around you - and be of service to each and every one of them - in every way that you can, with 110% effort.You never know who that stranger walking through your portal or door is or how they are connected. You don't want to create 'stuff' with the hope of it going viral; You want to create value in everything you touch and let others decide where that message goes. Fact is, you can no longer control information or messages except at the source and then, just barely. So, be the embodiment of your message, have your business do the same, try to shape it at the source, but don't expect to control it. Them were the good old days of delusion.

    Don't prognosticate about the Future. Dig your hands in to the work at hand and just do it. It will be more satisfying and you'll get the results you are looking for. Persistence, Perseverance and Focus on the things you truly care about, on things and people that matter.

    If you do these things, you won't have to worry much about the future of marketing; your best clients and collaborators will find you.


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