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The Icarus Sessions Boston; Godin, Guy Kawasaki, A book, and Me

January 2, 2013 was the official worldwide launch of the Icarus Sessions organized by Seth Godin and taking place in over 300+ locations. Our group was here in Boston.

We were lucky enough to combine the Cambridge and Boston contingents into one meeting and Hillary Rettig was kind enough to offer the conference room at her place of creative energy, GRUB STREET, where she is an instructor, author, workshop leader and coach who specializes in helping people overcome procrastination and use their time better. Her latest book is The Seven Secrets of the Prolific: The Definitive Guide to Overcoming Procrastination, Perfectionism and Writer's Block (Infinite Art, 2011) 

You can learn more about the principle of The Icarus Sessions here and if you are interested in joining in a future Meetup, check out the Icarus Sessions Group here.  This is all about encouraging people to take the time to make work that matters. The Icarus Sessions exist to help encourage folks to stand up and say "HERE, I MADE THIS."

And, yes, this is all often harder than you might imagine. Sometimes its procrastination.  Sometimes is's a fear of failure. More often it is likely a fear of success (OMG - then what). But doing work that matters and taking a stand for people and places and organizations that matter is what the Real Time Web and the Social Media revolution is all about.

Most attendees shared some heartfelt piece of what keeps them awake at night or makes them rise early to accomplish things. Since the host site was Grub Street and several of the attendees were students of Hillary, it was not surprising to see how many individuals wanted to write and publish something. But every goal was different and every person came with a passion to share their dreams and gain encouragement to turn thoughts into actions.

I was among the group with stories to tell and a book to publish. I've been encouraged for the past year  by our Internet Marketing Meetup group and the Rapid E-book Publishing Course that Bruce Jones Design led us in last year. 

Bruce now has nineteen titles in circulation and is a great role model for so many of us with a story wanting to be told. In fact, most people who do want to write and publish a book have many more than one story working its way to the surface.

While I've published many articles and photos for weekly and monthly publications, I had yet to complete a first book. With Guy Kawasaki's "Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur" how to guide, Seth Godin's  "the Icarus Sessions" and the Boston Internet Marketing Meetup Leadership team encouragement, how could I not feel very well supported and encouraged.

So, today, I happily announce that I have just published my first work.  CSA: Local Food, Local Art.  A mostly photo narrative about a Community Supported Arts and Agriculture (CSA) project that I had been involved with for over a year.

Here's  my newly published book.

It's real. It's official and it's now available online. Just click on Halo's head (she's a dairy cow) and it will take you to my online commerce site. I'd love it if you leave a message there.

With help from Kendall Press, I was able to print copies in time for me to take with me to my presentation about Community Supported Efforts and the successes that are possible in this Real Time World we live in.  Want more details. Contact me. Want help, contact any of us here at Kendall Press.

As part of our 2013 predictions, I wrote that we would see:

  • the fall of the gatekeepers and middlemen
  • the greater merging of personal and business personas
  • that publishing would continue to be dramatically redefined and
  • that anyone can create a strong and successful project by combining:

a passion for a goal, with a supportive team of cheerleaders and advocates and use the Real Time Web to let the right people find and support your team.

I just didn't expect to accomplish all that myself in one (year long) project that culminated in a series of events supporting my community within the first two weeks of 2013.

Lesson Learned: Vision alone is overrated. Having a team to encourage and support your efforts every step of the way, I was able to achieve results better, faster, more accurately.

Some words of guidance: 
and then, just go out and do it!

Thank you CSA, KVAA, KSA, Kendall Press, BIMM, Guy Kawasaki, Seth Godin and the Icarus group I just met. On to my next book.


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