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The Way We See It - A Black Dot

During a business meeting, the president stood up in front of a group of employees and held up a large glossy piece of paper. He took a black marker and made a black dot in the center of the paper and asked the team what they saw. Everyone replied, "A black dot." "Don't you see anything besides the black dot?" "No," the audience replied. "What about the beautiful sheet of paper? I'm sure you can all see it, but you've chosen to focus on the urgent addition rather than the full picture."Here's the way we see it: It's easy to focus on the black dot and overlook the greater potential of the large open canvas that holds many opportunities for greatness. Print was once the major tool for communicating ideas. We recognize that we are really in the Communications Business and are actively helping our clients see the bigger business opportunities that are all around us. With a combination of paperNpixels (TM) we can help you spread your message so the right people find you. Take a look at our blog discussion series on the impact of Massachusetts $1 billion investment in Life Sciences. Many of our customers have been signing up for automatic delivery of our blog feeds and have begun to see us as a partner in their full spectrum of digital, online communications and printing needs.Next time you find yourself thinking of ways to succeed with the next hurdle, consider us for more than just that black dot on paper.We've taken a step forward and looked at the many ways we can help fill in what's missing. Our communications team is here to help if your business task or project needs a little help or an additional perspective in reaching its full potential.

Mark & Cheryl Lemley

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