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The Way We See It


Many stories have been written about George Washington’s bravery, such as when he led American soldiers against the British as they fought for freedom, when he served as the nation’s first president, and even the infamous legend about George chopping down his father’s favorite cherry tree.As the cherry tree story goes, George was very proud to have gotten a hatchet as a gift from his parents. Eager to put the hatchet to good use, George had fun cutting anything and everything he could think of, including cutting down his father’s favorite cherry tree. When he realized what he had done, he didn’t try to hide the mistake from his father. Rather, he knew the right thing to do was tell the truth, even though his father could punish him. In the end, his father forgave him and even praised him for being honest.Here’s the way we see it: Sometimes telling the truth is scary. Being honest when you know someone may be hurt or upset is very difficult. But even if you’re afraid, telling the truth is always better. If you’re looking for  a printer who is savvy to both print and digital advantages for your total communication needs, give us a call today.

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