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Three Key Ways To Vote for Results

With the 2012 election season finally at a close, here are three Key Ways to vote with your time and passion - rhetoric not required;

1. Real Time Web - use it, it works. The speed of information movement confounds the old school and citizens of the real time web are able to marshal their forces and get the word out quickly.

2. Community - build your own - we all need it. We are only as strong as the community we participate in and those we surround ourselves with.

3. Engage on the Human Level. My favorite. Chris Brogan always speaks of Human Works, and the human aspect of interaction. People working with people, get things done.

If you don't like the election results, you can buy and play POLITOCRACY the game. Use it in the classroom and test alternate theories, the old fashioned way, with a board game containing hand moved pieces and crooked dice. Full Disclosure -We manufacture the boards and cards right here in Kendall Square for this game startup company and have given marketing advice with compensation.

If you haven't helped someone else lately and put their needs first- start doing so. Not only is the season of giving upon us with Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, but also, natural disasters like storm flooding in NYC are still disrupting life for millions along the Eastern Seaboard.

Audrey Markoff, Aimee Sprung, Walter Somol, Kayt Racz & Sara Spaulding

Here's a real life local example of community that blossomed in the forty eight hours before the election with far reaching immediate and positive impact. On Sunday, Jacqueline Carly said to Chris Brogan that they needed to do something to help those still suffering from storm damage in NYC.

Chris Brogan (L) and Jacq Carly (R)

A blog post by Chris and real time response by an online community of friends through Google Plus, Twitter and emails found its way rapidly around the Kendall Square community. Microsoft New England  truly runs a world class operation in Cambridge and they opened their doors and provided staff from The Site Team to collect goods between 3pm and 4:30pm Monday at the NERD center.

Real time web plus a community of friends brought immediate focus to the request and resulted in several truckloads and carloads of food, clothing, cleaning supplies, flashlights and other necessities with chief idea generator and strategist Jacqueline Carly departing for and arriving in NYC before Noon yesterday. She, to Queens and another helper to the South New Jersey Shore with a moving van filled with goods dispatched today. The most frequently heard comment - "Jacq thank you for putting this together. Thanks for letting us help."

We responded to the individual call for help by grabbing a carton of paper towels and dozens of hand sanitizers and delivering them to the NERD center while linking in our Boston Internet Marketing Meetup via a Google Live Hangout. 


We were able to show, in real time, the positive results of Jacq's plea for help and we simultaneously spread the word to our 750 members by email and broadcasting live using just my laptop and a wireless internet graciously provided by @MSnewEngland. The cumulative effect of each community within a greater community resulted in a tremendous outpouring of relief items gathered, packed and driven to NYC in less than 48 hours from the inception of Jacqueline's idea. NO GOVERNMENT ENTITY is likely to move like this - regardless of whether they use paper or digital methods.

Why?  paperNpixel (TM) + bureaucracy = far slower responses.

Yesterday a whole bunch of people came together to help Jacqueline Carly make one heartfelt impact in just two days. And at 11am Tues we could see her results which she shared with all of us via instagram.

The message of Real Time Web is we vote everyday with our time and passion.

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