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Three Words to Welcome in 2012


Kendall PRess has been guided by the principle that we help our customers accomplish more by being focused on timely, accurate, quality results for the tasks they bring to us. We also listen to their spoken and unspoken needs in this dramatically fast changing business climate.

As technology impacts change, we have committed to evolving with the opportunities. One business leader we respect and learn from is Chris Brogan who says "you aren't just a business, you're a media company;" meaning businesses need to communicate what they are and what they do. Each year on the First of January, he presents three words that he will use to define his goals and experiences thoughout the year. He finds this more effective than a New Year's Resolution and we think this idea merits a try for us as well.

Merging paperNpixels, business communications and print is the easy part. Staying focused on individual goals, team goals and life balance is the hard part. So, with a salute to Chris, here are our three words for 2012:

Family - we all have families but with the amount of time we spend at work, we acknowledge our work family and customers as an integral part of our daily world. We depend on our families. We try to help them and sometimes we finish their thoughts for them (sometimes correctly and sometimes not).

Collaboration - there is just too much work to do and life to live to ever try to just do it alone. Technology has given us an easier way to include collaboration on a daily basis. Collaborative efforts acknowledge the greater good that can be achieved by using the strengths of many.

(Building)Bridges -a metaphor for many things, here we'll define it as reaching out to different constituencies. Building bridges to enhance our understanding and our willingness to help others.

Welcome, 2012
From the team at Kendall PRess

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