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Top Four Marketing Predictions for 2013

As one of the sponsors of the Boston Internet Marketing Meetup (BIMM), we've had the opportunity to talk to some of the most engaging minds in internet marketing in Greater Boston.

The Leadership team of BIMM came up with the following TOP MARKETING PREDICTIONS for 2013:

I.   FALL OF THE GATEKEEPERS - with real time web (i.e. social media), the better our content, the more possible like minded business leaders will find and engage us directly. Social Media represents a two way street for communication.
II.  MERGING OF BUSINESS AND PERSONAL (personas) real life and real work can't be easily segregated into little compartments. People want to do business with People. The internet doesn't discriminate between your "work" persona and your real person, so be real at all times. Ah, transparency and authenticity fully exposed.
III.  PUBLISHING WILL BE RE-DEFINED The old process of writer, agent, publicist, broker, editor, printer, publisher is rapidly falling by the wayside. Huffington Post is really a blog; yet, it has won the  Pulitzer Prize for National Journalism. Joseph Epstein wrote that   200 million Americans want to write a book. The tools for a do-it-yourself crowd are readily available. (and we can help fill in the gap for you)
IV. MOBILE & LOCAL WILL COME TOGETHER - here again, the opportunities are large for those nimble enough to navigate the internet, location based services and being found by the right people, at the right time, in the right place.

Overall, we're very optimistic about business and opportunities for brick and mortar stores and Internet Marketing. With thanks to real time web thought leadership in the likes of  David Meerman Scott and Seth Godin, we'd summarize the 2013 opportunity in one formula:

But we also polled attendees and selected the group's best predictions for 2013 which can be found here:
CROWD-SOURCING will be big for small biz and outsourced for Big Businesses

MORE SILOS- we will each choose our own consolidators

DIVERSIFIED INCOME – need to own your own biz and add multiple rev streams

RESPONSIVE DESIGN & 3 D printing – will see growing demand

CMO role will be challenged more and more by CEO – (because of analytics)

CUSTOMER JOURNEY – will be a strong and valuable focal point

DESIGN THINKING- shifts further to customer point of view

CONCRETE & SIMPLE – success via more simple and less abstract efforts

WOMEN CREATING MORE in person live communities vs. men with Virtual SolutionsNeed some support for your business plan? Give us a call at Kendall PRess or join the Boston Internet Marketing Meetup and create your own peer group from within a membership of almost 800 marketers.
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