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Trick or Treat; 100th vs. 100 Grand ?

Happy Halloween. One Hundred is such a special number. One Hundred Thousand is 1,000 times more special. This blog post is our 100th posting and a good milestone considering that we have only posted one or two blog posts a month. And yet, so much more important than what we've written, is what we have done for our customers. Perhaps it is no coincidence that our 100th post occurred at almost the same time as our real achievement, delivering on the needs of our 100,000th job request.

The world of print has changed a lot just since this blog started in January of 2008. The principles of customer satisfaction and loyalty have changed - not much at all. Our guiding principle has always been: Focus on the customer, listen to their requirements, anticipate their needs and deliver timely, accurate, and consistent results, when and where they are needed.

In 1984, when Kendall Press started, print meant copiers, printers and offset presses for the really high quality work. Digital presses were just coming into their own but most clients differentiated just between copy work and print work.

Today, what was once just a print shop is now also a Business Communications Company. Kendall Press, the print shop, has evolved to meet its client requirements for better, faster, more effective business communications and hence, Kendall PRess began an evolutionary course in this revolutionary world of communications. Interruptions, sales calls, annoying display adds all diminish one's online experience. There are old style PR and AD shops filled with "marketing experts" who know how to push information out at "target" prospects. Uggh. We subscribe to David Meerman Scott's writings about Marketing Leadership Strategies in this real time world of web communications.

We agree that real time web is a more important term to reckon with than 'social media.' There are many social media tools but as they evolve, there will still be one core basis for real time responsiveness from business, to business people. David Meerman Scott said it best, "social media are tools, real time is a mind set." We strive to adopt that mind set in everything we do for our clients.

We believe strongly in the importance of Inbound Marketing principles and are ever ready to help our clients switch from Outbound (push) to Inbound strategies for being found by their customers at just the right time. Real Time web changes everything. Kendall Press combines a strategy of paperNpixels TM to help our clients reach their best levels of performance. Why take a chance on Trick or Treat? Call us and let us help you navigate the world of getting your message to the right people, in the right place at just the time they need to know about you.

100,000 client jobs
we help
our clients
quest for success.

We look forward to tackling our next 100 Grand.

The collaborative team at Kendall PRess

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