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TRUST - and my summer reading list


It's an easily understood word with a very complex set of actions over time that affect one's level of trust of another greatly.

Do I trust you?

Have your actions over time given me the confidence and subconscious sense of safety in taking value in what you say...and here in business....in what you promise. Trust is easily lost with only one poorly handled act.

I was thinking about this today as I commuted into Kendall Square, reading my email, reading Seth's blogpost with his summer reading list. Next to each item was a BUY NOW button, but I was comfortable with that as the very top of his Squidoo page had his full disclosure of where the proceeds from any sale was going. Pretty cool move. Put me right at ease. I ordered one of the books. Instant transaction on Amazon. I then saw another book - that I should have ordered.


Lost opportunity for free shipping? No, Amazon let me cancel and re-create my open order. Take advantage of the spending level discounts and put me back into shipping status. Nothing like choosing 'regular' response so you have time to think about your decision.

Oh, by the way. One of the books I ordered was Linchpin by @ThisisSethsblog I paid less money for it NEW in Hardcover than they were asking for it on the Kindle edition. Wrapped up all my reading shopping before I even landed at my station.

I admit that I'm still not happy about Seth's decision not to publish printed editions anymore; but I do take back my other bad thoughts about his stance - I trust him and continue to learn from him.

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