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Useful Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts - Windows Metro screen

Are you using Windows 8 or Windows 8.1? Odds are if you aren't yet, you will be soon. Microsoft recently announced that they have sold more than 200 million Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 licenses since the new operating system was released in October 2012. That means that the next time your company needs to purchase a new PC, you can expect your new system will have Microsoft's latest offering running under the hood.

The biggest difference between Windows 8 and earlier Windows versions is an emphasis on the operating system's ease of use with a touchscreen. Microsoft created a brand new layout and a host of noticeable changes to the interface. However, with over 100 keyboard shortcuts programmed in, it's still easy to navigate Windows 8 quickly and efficiently with a keyboard and mouse. Here are 10 useful Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts to get you started so your office doesn't miss a beat.

WindowsKey_KPblog + D:  Go to Desktop
This shortcut will bring you directly to the standard desktop from anywhere. Pressing just the Windows key will take you back and forth between the Windows 8 Start Screen and the desktop.

WindowsKey_KPblog + I:  Open the Settings Panel
This shortcut gives you access to your Control Panel, Personalization menu, Power menu (sleep, shut down, or restart) and more.

WindowsKey_KPblog + X:  Open the Advanced Windows Settings Menu
This shortcut gives you access to System, Device Manager, Command Prompt, and more.

WindowsKey_KPblog + F:  Search Files
This shortcut opens the Windows 8 Search function and specifically tells the computer to search Files (as opposed to Apps, or Settings)

WindowsKey_KPblog + Period ("."):  Snap Apps
Pressing the Windows Key + Period snaps apps to the right of your screen, allowing side by side multitasking. Pressing Windows Key + Shift + Period snaps to the left.

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WindowsKey_KPblog + E:  Open Computer
This shortcut gives you easy access to navigating your files and frequently accessed folders.

WindowsKey_KPblog + L:  Lock Screen.
Use this shortcut to quickly lock your screen when you have to step away from your computer. You can also use this shortcut to quickly switch users.

WindowsKey_KPblog + left arrow (and right arrow):  Snap Current Window
Pressing the Windows Key and the left arrow will maximize your current window to the left side of your screen. Pressing the Windows Key and the right arrow will maximize your current window to the right side of your screen.

WindowsKey_KPblog + 0 – 9:  Launch Taskbar Apps and Programs
Use this shortcut to launch an app or program that is pinned to your taskbar. The number assigned to each program corresponds to the order of the programs pinned from left to right.

WindowsKey_KPblog + PrintScreen:  Take a Screenshot
Use this shortcut to take a screenshot and automatically save it to your Pictures folder.

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