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We Are The Media

"We ARE the Media"


Friday and Saturday's record breaking Boston snowstorm, gave us instantaneous boots on the street feedback as to traffic and commuter conditions. Citizen journalists, Facebook entries, Twitter pictures, all posted in real time on the web...

You've probably heard the quote "We are the Media" echoing around us since late 2010 at the beginnings of  The Arab Spring. More recently, you may have participated in the discord over SOPA and PIPA and which industry  titan should "own" the internet. A good review of this discussion and the congressional  kabosh of the hastily presented bills can be found in this Washington Post article Feb 9, 2012  where Jimmy Wales and Kat Welch postulate that because "WE are the media, the creators and the innovators," the whole world benefits from protecting the open access of the Real Time Web. 

In our day to day business world, much closer to home, a significant proof source of the phrase comes from musician and innovator Amanda Palmer whose kickstarter campaign was the first to raise over one million dollars and prove that her ambassadors and fans (and we are among them) could loosen the tight grip of old ways record labels.  See  David Meerman Scott's great blogpost which includes the words "we are the media..." on her successes and the business world's growing respect for her and her real time web communications, well implemented.

Here at Kendall Press, as we evolve from a print shop only to a well honed business communications company focused on helping our clients manage their opportunities, we have stretched the old definitions of press, print and publish. Paper only or online only doesn't communicate your message as well as paperNpixels (TM).  The Real Time Web demands speed and flexibility.

Portland Luncheon

Just last month, we were in Maine with Boston based Consulate General, Susie Kitchens, as she, only the second female Consulate General from the UK, made a point of emphasizing that she is the UK's New England Consulate General and the first to travel to Maine.

Maine Statehouse

She visited a business round table in Portland hosted by Janine Bisaillon-Cary and the Maine International Trade Center and took a tour of the Maine House and Senate chambers after visiting with Maine Governor Paul LePage.

These meetings are all about business and investment, collaboration and advocacy.

Kendall PRess has previously brought focus to community and client events such as.....
East End House's Season of Giving   and
Amgen's support behind The Boys and Girls Club

UK CG Susie Kitchens with Maine Rep Andrew Mason

Having a journalist or visual correspondent around the shop helps, but any business can start using their smart phones and cameras to capture and share information of value to their communities.

We are the media. Every one of us, everyday, can add to the timely and valuable information pool of resources. Try it. Let us know what you accomplish.


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