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What's the ROYAL WEDDING of William and Kate got to do with Paper n' Pixels?

"Her Majesty's Consul General cordially invites you to a breakfast to celebrate and watch the Royal Wedding of His Royal Highness Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton.

Friday 29 April 2011

Dress: Business or wedding attire - Hats Optional

Please bring your invitation with you as you will need it to gain admittance to the event."

And so, I did bring my engraved Invitation that the team at Kendall PRess had created just days earlier. Ever grateful that I was one of the lucky few invited to celebrate and WATCH VIA NECN STREAMING, direct to Boston.

Engraved invitations, digital satellite images transmitted over the Pond. Few came without hat on head for this was an occasion to dress up, and do things the right way, with class. Thousands of years of tradition carefully preserved and handed down to the next generation. And yet, with speed and distance, we were all there in real-time, sharing in the religious ceremony. Old and New; carefully working together to succeed in the modern technology driven world.

Hence, once again, the confluence of #paperNpixels.

Clear Communication requires attention to the transmission of the message. Hence, engraved invitations, Hats, the Royal contingent. Last year I reported on the very healthy state of a 17th Century invention, the business card. Despite the need for speed, no meeting ever takes place, even now, some 400 years later, without the exchange of business cards.

(Lower right is the Fascinator- all the rage right now in the UK and Boston!)

"You have to wear a hat in the UK, it's tradition" said Philip Treacy in an ABC News video with Barbara Walters on April 21. Treacy, a famous hat designer in the UK designed hats for some 100 guests at the Royal Wedding. Fascinators are all the rage. Business cards are all the rage. Smartphones are all the rage. And so you have a raging torrent that defines the CONFLUENCE OF TRADITION and Pixels.

Cheers to the royal couple and we salute a Right Royal Knees Up!

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