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Why Social Media is Critical to Your Business Growth

Are you in one of those industries or job positions that is cratering all around you? Are you worried about your business survival or have you figured out where the real prospects are congregating and how to reach them?
Big Difference between just surviving and really thriving these days.

Here are some key stats on users in our Social Media explosion and these numbers alone tell the story of why social media embraced correctly is a critical plank in everyone's business plan:
• Facebook: 800 million users
• Twitter: 300 million accounts, 250 million tweets per day
• Youtube: 3 billion views per day
• Groupon: 140 million subscribers
• LinkedIn: 135 million users
• Pandora: 100 million users
• Google+: 67 million users
• WordPress: 60 million blogs
• Flickr: 50 million users
• Ortsbo: 40 million unique monthly users
• Tumblr: 33 million users
• Reddit: 28 million unique visitors, 1.8 billion monthly page views
• Yelp: 22.4 million reviews; 61 million unique visitors per month

Can you hear me now? Twitter has FIVE TIMES MORE POWERFUL REACH THAN GOOGLE+.
Best to figure out good etiquette and best forms of interaction before you go down in flames.

Marketers must do far more than just slap banner ads across someone else's content. Doesn't matter how much you pay or what you've been promised, barriers, content walls and other annoying blockages and delays register as a big negative (#FAIL in Twitter lingo) in the reader/searcher - and that's your potential customer.
Don't bring your junk-mail online - WE WILL REMEMBER YOU DID IT. Learn better ways to engage and really do put yourself in the consumers shoes - once and forever.
Bad Ad boys and Poor PR gals - get a new life and stop filling all the white space. It's there for a reason. Need more info? Call us, we're glad to explain it.

And as an added bonus, your business life and your social life are much more likely to bloom.

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