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Why Twitter Matters - Why We Use Twitter

Today, “Social Media” is a broad term for publishing information, exchanging ideas, and the resulting digital interactions that occur across a wide variety of sites like Facebook, Yelp, and Twitter. Each social site represents a different focus, function, and audience, and establishing your company’s presence on any of them takes dedication, consistency, and time. The number of options and potential to become a time sink can be overwhelming, especially for a company operating with limited resources.
We view Social Media as being built on a series of tools that are available for businesses to deploy to their advantage. This week, we’re going to talk about why we've chosen to establish our presence on Twitter, and give you 6 reasons why Twitter matters as an effective tool for small businesses.
Reason #1: Virtual Community
Community isn't limited to your neighborhood anymore! One of the major highlights of Twitter is that it houses so many virtual communities that are populated by users across the globe. Whatever your company does, you can be certain that there is an active and supportive user base that is interested in your work!

New users can appreciate that virtual communities emulate neighborhood communities. Like walking around our own Kendall Square, we love that being on Twitter lets us interact with virtual communities involved in everything from global biopharma to colleges around the country to local causes worthy of attention and support.

Community Art Center - Why twitter matters
Virtual Communities emulate neighborhood communities, only with fewer snacks!


Reason #2: Breadth of Access
Back in March of this year, on the 7 thanniversary of its launch, Twitter noted that there are “well over 200 million active users on the platform” posting more than “ 400 million tweets each day” (emphasis ours)!
With those 200+ million active users comes unprecedented access to decision makers from every company and industry imaginable, from every country you could want to reach, in any language and culture you're familiar with. Want to reach out to Dallas Mavericks owner and well-known entrepreneur Mark Cuban? He’s right here. Looking for insight from Chris Brogan on why being human matters? Find it through here.
We’re always amazed by the versatility and scope of the Twitter platform and our ability to connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime.
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Reason #3: Flexible Conversations
You didn't think we were done talking about the importance of engagement, did you? Like attending an event in-person, the value of Twitter is largely dependent on the quality of your conversations with others!
What we appreciate most about interacting with friends, existing customers, and potential customers on Twitter is the flexibility of each conversation’s timing. When you’re online, you can have real time exchanges, with minimal time between responses. When you aren't available, the conversation waits for you to continue.
Wondering what our other top 3 reasons are for using Twitter? Check the blog on Thursday, when we'll touch on time, messaging, and our most important reason for of all!
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