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Why Twitter Matters - Why We Use Twitter, Part 2

We covered the first three reasons we use Twitter earlier this week, citing the value of virtual communities, the incredible range of users, and the ability to preserve momentum in your conversations. In today’s post, we’re giving you three more reasons why Twitter matters, and why we've found it to be a beneficial tool for businesses of all sizes.
Reason #4: It Challenges us to Focus our Message
We've mentioned before that we like challenges, and Twitter represents a wonderfully useful challenge. Because of the limited space available in any instance of communication, being capable of condensing your message is incredibly important!
Why twitter matters - A photo from Jeff Pulver's #140 conference
You get 140 Characters...choose wisely.
Twitter challenges us to think hard about what our message is, what we’re trying to communicate, and to expand our vocabulary when we start running out of space. This means that we’re always thinking of new, succinct ways to describe what we do so we can share that information with our audience. We have assisted clients with business communications needs for 28 years. We know that precise messaging is a key component to successful messaging!
Reason #5: It’s a Tool Sharpened for Efficiency
Focusing on our messaging is ultimately how we discovered just how effective and efficient Twitter is as a tool for uncovering and creating unique interactions. By adjusting our messages appropriately, we learned to communicate successfully with as large or as small an audience as we want, when we want.
Naturally, when we first started using Twitter, we found ourselves spending more time working to gain traction than we originally planned. That’s because, like any other tool, using Twitter effectively comes with a learning curve.
Hashtags? @ symbols? These are the basic parts of communicating with other active users, and understanding how to properly implement them will widen your reach, the visibility of your message and the ease with which you can make tangible, worthwhile connections.
Reason #6: We've figured out how to make it work for us.
The most important reason why Twitter matters, and why we use it as much as we do, is because we've figured out how to make it work for us as a valuable business tool. On a daily basis, we can identify the positive effects using Twitter has had for our company, and point to relationships that have either grown from, or been nurtured by, interacting through this medium.
why twitter matters - A photo from #140edu, Jeff Pulver's education conference
Jeff Pulver and his #140 conferences always help point us in the right direction

As a small business, we understand how important it is to manage your time, and your employees’ time, effectively. With a standard 2,080 working hours available to you in a year, there are always hard decisions to make in determining how to best invest that time.

If you’re having trouble seeing the value or gaining traction with Twitter, or any other new tool, contact us today. We’re here to be of service.

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