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Your Brand and Your Reputation are in Hands of Unknown Loyalties

Are those hands friend or foe? Satisfied or angry? Whatever the answer, they are more and more frequently hands and minds that are social media savvy.

Twitter, Facebook, bloggers all can have a go at your carefully cultivated image and make a shambles of your "communications plan" in no time flat.

The best way to protect against angry grenades lobbed in your direction is to step up your communication capabilities with customers both present and future. Do you truly listen to what your clients are telling you? Do you have an open means of communication to gather trends and comments.

Social Media channels as we know them today include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Each of these represent a source of critical information for you and your business.

Is there conversation around you? Are you engaging clients in dialogue where they congregate? Kendall PRess can be found @kendallpress on Twitter; We have a Facebook Fan page and we welcome our clients to follow our company on Linked In.

Best Practice Business Communications today utilizes a combination of Print and OnLine creations that engage your current and future customers in ways that they find engaging!

Questions? Need help building an integrated approach. Give us a call 617-354-2584. We live, daily in this transitional communication workspace and we're glad to share our experiences -both good and otherwise!

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