Tradeshow & Conference

A trade show is a monumental marketing event—if you do it right. When dealing with conference printing, your mission begins with digitally creating everything you will need. Then the big decisions of paper type, color, font, and weight come into play. Your printed marketing material will be your brand’s calling card at the trade show. So you must portray exactly the right tone, feeling, and emotional response from your printed materials. Sounds like a tall task for some paper with ink on it, and it can be. 

If you are over your head in the process, speak with an industry expert or printing company who is involved in conferences and trade shows. They can help you coordinate the best options for your printed marketing materials so your trade show printing is a success.  Look for a conference and trade show printing company that provides quality service, an expedient turn-around, and free delivery to your trade show venue.  

As you plan for your upcoming trade show, start by requesting everything in print. This includes a map of the venue, layout of the electrical outlets, rules regarding vendors, and times for setting up for the show. Compile all of this information in one large binder to have on hand in an emergency. Also, keep a copy of your trade show agreement and contract in case you have any last minute issues. 

Your next mission will be to choose a theme for your exhibit at the trade show. Decide on what your team will do at the conference. What is the marketing purpose for the exhibit? Lay out everything you will need to be printed in order to fulfill your purpose. Typical types of conference or trade show printing include brochures, flyers, maps, applications, newsletters, and signs.

Consider the finishing process for your printed trade show materials. For instance, by putting flyers into specialty envelopes that are sealed, it encourages trade show attendees to handle the material and start becoming invested in it. This increases the rates of retention for both your brand and your printed information. And that is ultimately the goal of a trade show, to increase brand visibility and drive leads.